Second Meeting of the Hyperstition Study Group – Reading List & Details


N u m o g r a m

led by Lendl Barcelos.

Monday May 9th 2016, 6:03 – 9:00 pm

Montague Arms, South London

In the short piece that we looked at for the last session ( Reza Negarestani lays out the first ingredient of Hyperstition as follows:
1. N u m o g r a m
Rigorous systematic unfolding of the Decimal Labyrinth and all its implexes (Zones, Currents, Gates, Lemurs, Pandemonium Matrix, Book of Paths …) and echoes (Atlantean Cross, Decadology …).

The methodical excavation of the occult abstract cartography intrinsic to decimal numeracy (and thus globally ‘oecumenic’) constitutes the first great task of hyperstition.
We ask you to look at the following set texts.

Essential reading:

Ccru – Pandemonium

0(rphan)d(rift>) – MESHED

Nick Land – Barker Speaks

Nick Land – Qabbala 101


Ccru – Decimal Numogram
[, and then follow the links at the bottom, first link is broken and should read]

And, from the hyperstition blog:
Why Numogram numbers are simple


Numogram Q&A


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