Fourth Meeting: ‘Fictions which make themselves real.’ Reading & Details

image (2).png
Fictions which make themselves real
led by Owen Briggs
Saturday 10th September 2016, 11am UK time, 8pm Australian time.
I’m exploring the idea of “fictions which make themselves real” (with the attendant complication of those categories [which is also {to the best of my knowledge} essential to the hyperstitional process]).
I’m really not sure what kind of a collective familiarity you have with hyperstition – I knew next to nothing about it last time we met! But to get us all on the same page, these three articles provide a good overview of the basic concepts in relatively plain language, and give some concrete examples of hyperstition in action:
  1. Mer’s Blog – Hyperstition: An Introduction
  2. Xenosystems – Scrap Note #9
  3. Hyperstition Blog – Polytics
These two articles give the particular flavour of what I want to cover (And they’re fun to read!):
If that’s not enough for you there’s plenty more to be found here, but this is all that’s essential at this point to what I’m doing.

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